Have you had a cardiac event?

Let us help you put the spring back in your step.

Many have lost someone to cardiovascular disease or have suffered a cardiac event themselves. It can be a very sad and traumatic experience in many ways.

Finding the motivation and confidence to do anything is difficult, and at times, it feels like an impossible task.

However, would it not be great to gather the courage and discover a way to feel better?

It has been proven that exercising with people, who have had similar experiences, can assist with your well-being.

A cardiac rehabilitation programme can give you the opportunity to work on your physical, mental and emotional health. Sharing this experience with others makes it enjoyable and sociable.

There is no need to worry. All exercises are gentle, safe and in accordance with the British association for cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation.

It is also not necessary for anyone to have experienced a cardiac event in order to commence the programme.

Participating in physical activities is the best natural medicine one can take and this applies to the general public, too.

After all, preventing and lowering the risk of any kind of disease, has got to be a good thing.

If you are not sure, that is ok, too. Talk to a friend or a member of the family about this matter.

Alternatively, you can contact Stephan, who is a cardiac rehab instructor, via:

email: [email protected] or phone: 023 9343 0020

Stephan will gladly listen and give advice, free of charge.

A referral form from your GP or Cardiac Rehabilitation Team is required for this class.
Please get in touch and book in a free consultation before booking any classes.

We like to keep the number of participants low; never more than 4 persons per class. This makes attending the classes incredibly safe and allows us to guide you more individually.

If you are an active person without any medical conditions but would like to join this class you are very welcome and no referral or consultation is required.

Details & Bookings

Fee: £7.50 per person per class

Schedule: Monday to Friday 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Trainer: Stephan Konrad

Location: 27b Queens Road, Waterlooville, PO7 7SB

Home program

This program is designed for individuals who have completed their Phase III cardiac rehabilitation program and wish to continue a healthy and active lifestyle. Please ensure you have been referred to this program via your GP, the Cardiac Rehab team or your Phase IV instructor before you start using it. IMPORTANT: The following exercises should…

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