My famous sugar free Cheesecake

WARNING: Although it’s virtually sugar free, it’s still very calorific. It’s just a BIT better for you than normal cheesecake



 360g cream cheeseThe entire CakePer 100 g
 150g xylitol1490100Grams
150ml extra thick cream5176.5347.4Kcals
 2 large eggs367.224.6Fat
 125g butter179.812Saturates
 400g gullon digestive biscuits46531.2Carbohydrates
 25g flour25.51.7Sugar
 1tbls lemon concentrate27.71.9Fibre
 1tsp vanilla extract72.44.9Protein


1. To make the base, crush the biscuits into tiny crumbs, add the melted butter and mix. Prepare a loose bottomed (hehe) cake tin with baking paper and grease it up. Dump the biscuit mixture in your tin and squash it down to create a lovely biscuit base. I use a glass to create an even surface.

2. In a large bowl, throw in the cream cheese, xylitol, thick cream, flour and mix thoroughly. You might burn some calories in the process. Feel free to swap hands. We don’t want you to have a muscle imbalance from all the stirring.

3. Preheat the your fan assisted oven at 160ºc. Don’t ask me about Fahrenheit or an oven that doesn’t have a fan.

4. In a smaller bowl, crack open the eggs and make sure you fish out all the shell-pieces. No one likes a big crunch when biting in to a cake and not knowing what it is. Whisk the eggs with a whisker preferably not your cat’s.

5. Add the eggs, lemon concentrate and vanilla extract to the larger bowl and get mixing again. I like a bit of 90s house music, but mix whatever you like.

6. Pour the entire mixture into the cake tin. While lifting the bowl make sure your knees are soft and you lift through your legs and not your back. Gently spread the mixture evenly.

7. It’s time to place your cake tin in the over and leave it in there for 40min. You know it’s ready when the edges start to brown.

8. When ready take out your cake and leave it to cool down for 2hr. Blimey that’s a long cool-down, I normally only take 5min followed by some stretches… Not sure if stretching your cake is a good idea though.

9. After it has cooled down, place it in your fridge for OVER 8hr!!!! That’s a long time to wait for something you want to eat now! Don’t worry, be patient, it’s worth the wait.

If you are wondering what the digestive biscuits look like, here is a pic. You can find these at the pound store or online at amazon:

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