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"I was surprised when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis that my doctor recommended high impact exercise, but delighted that after 18 months of working with you, not only did I achieve my aim of being agile enough to spend 2 weeks on a motorbike tour of Romania, but have also increased my bone density by 6.4%.  And icing on the cake was that it was fun.  Many thanks."*
"Stephan is great to work with - personable, challenging, and highly knowledgeable in his field. I needed to get into shape for my wedding, in a relatively short space of time. Stephan was invaluable in supporting me through the work needed for my wife and I to look back at our wedding photos with fondness, rather than regret. I can't recommend him highly enough."*
"Stephan is a great coach who has helped me build strength after injuries and to feel fitter than ever even though I started from a very low baseline! He is very relaxed but keeps me focused especially when I am feeling lazy. Training isn't a chore but something to look forward to each week"*
"I cannot recommend this incredible man enough. He listened and tailored things to suit me and my hectic life. Broke everything down into stages and still going now. Thank you so much."
"Thanks to Stephan I’ve totally changed my attitude towards diet and exercise. With his encouragement, motivation and down to earth attitude I’ve actually enjoying exercise for the first time in my life. I have also learnt lots about food which has helped me make new and better choices. Stephan makes each program varied and fun so I don’t get bored. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains each exercise fully so I know I'm in safe hands. Stephan is also very flexible by way of making time to suit me, my businesses and home life, so this allows me to stick to the weekly sessions with continuity and consistency (one of the reasons I have been able to stick with the training for 6+ years). I have no hesitation in recommending Stephan; he’s a fantastic personal trainer, especially to those like me who don't like gyms."
"From the first time we contacted Stephan he was incredibly professional and friendly, he helped both myself and my partner with our individual needs including dietary advice. He somehow managed to make our training sessions not just productive but fun! It was a great shame that we moved abroad and can no longer enjoy his excellent services. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering a personal fitness trainer."
"Stephan is a motivated, enthusiastic and fun personal trainer. He has the ability to push you towards your goals successfully, and turns the hard workouts needed to do so into fun sessions. Over the years we have become great friends, and that is also thanks to his dedication and passion he shows for his clients and his professionalism. He is highly knowledgeable in multiple aspects of personal training, lifestyle coaching, nutrition and general wellbeing. I would highly recommend Stephan for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness levels and their life."
"Such a nice friendly and approachable guy who's really hands on and takes the time to listen to what you want to achieve. Always giving you that confidence boost to achieve your goals and strive to complete the task ahead, I would personally recommend to anyone interested in a new personal trainer."
"Stephan contacted me at just the right time - I was about to quit the gym yet again and would have no doubt slipped back into old habits. Instead, he has introduced me to intermittent fasting, the easiest way I have ever lost weight, and really listened to my likes, dislikes and constraints with exercise. He is full of encouragement and really pushes me. Stephan is also always just an email away and I'm never left waiting long for a reply. I would recommend Stephan as a personal trainer again and again."*

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