When losing weight naturally doesn't work

I have known Keli professionally and now romantically.

We first met when she was consulting me for advice and my services as a Personal Trainer in 2010.

My first impressions of Keli were that she was a strong and independent woman and she knew what she wanted.

During our discussion, Keli expressed how difficult she found it to lose weight and that she’d tried everything. She was desperate and thought a Personal Trainer would help her.

At the beginning we’ve opted for calorie counting, as this was something that worked a little in the past for Keli. I calculated her calorie allowance according to her age, height, weight and activities.

She was grafting, training three times a week and sticking to the calories. Keli complained that she couldn’t eat that much and she felt she was putting on more body fat. I remember assessing her and I was in disbelief that she was right!

At first I thought she must be cheating somehow somewhere, but I could see the despair in her eyes. So, we gradually started cutting down her calorie intake.

After a year or so, Keli eventually lost only 2kg and by that time her calorie intake was very restrictive. I felt sorry for her, because here was someone who worked really hard, didn’t eat much and what she ate was very healthy, yet she just couldn’t shift the weight.

At the end of 2012 life happened and we got romantically involved. Spending more time with Keli I could see how her weight affected her emotionally and mentally.

Outside, she had this tough, confident and strong appearance, but I knew she was hurting inside and Keli didn’t know a way out.

It was difficult to witness, because I knew first hand that she’d tried everything under the sun. Everything but surgery.

Keli started her research and with this came a wave of emotions. She felt like a failure, because she couldn’t lose the weight naturally.

Surgery has the stigma of cheating or going the easy route. As a witness and Personal Trainer, I can vouch that surgery is certainly not cheating and definitely not the easy way out!

After riding an emotional roller coaster Keli managed to summon her courage and opted for a gastric band. Finally, Keli thought she would lose the weight and become the person she knew she had in her, hiding somewhere.

Believe it or not Keli’s metabolism was so slow that even the band didn’t work!

She lost 3kg and plateaued. One can just imagined how Keli must have felt. I saw the pain and it was a very sad situation.

Luckily Shaw Somers wouldn’t give up on Keli and after numerous consultations they have decided to go for a gastric bypass.

In 2016 the day came, Keli had the operation and something incredible happened. Not only did she start losing weight quickly, but the person it revealed was just amazing.

Keli was radiating happiness and vitality. It was a privilege to have witnessed it and to have been part of the journey. Her determination, tenacity, strength and perseverance is something to admire.

When Keli was dealing with her dilemma all these years, not once did she let it affect her professional life. Most people didn’t even know it was an issue for her.

Even now that she has an incredible body and just looks absolutely gorgeous, she doesn’t show it off or brag about it, she just wears it with class and style.

This experience has changed my views and also the way I help my clients. I have a deeper understanding of what people could be going through. It’s amazing how many people are out there going through similar emotions.

So, I thank Keli for opening my eyes and I also thank Streamline Surgical for helping Keli release her true inner self and what a wonderful silent hero she is!

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